Founded in 2015 by Alex James in Los Angeles, Pleasures is a brand that draws from the influences of musical subcultures such as punk, post-punk, metal, hardcore, new wave, and goth. James' inspiration comes from his experiences in the iconic New York venues CBGB's, Tramps, and Maxwells, where he shared moments with graffiti kids, famous artists, skaters, straight edge advocates, punks, and LGBTQ+ community members. Pleasures embodies this fusion of diverse worlds, transforming the energy of these subcultures into a unique aesthetic. Beyond being a fashion brand, Pleasures represents a link between the tumultuous roots of musical subcultures and the present, shaping a visual identity that spans generations. In short, Pleasures celebrates human diversity and rebellious attitude, born from the meeting of like-minded souls from every facet of society.

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