SATISFY Running: The Rebel Innovation of Running from Paris.

Born from the inspiration of the 1970s running culture, each piece of SATISFY represents a perfect fusion of design, music, and technology.

Characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to quality comparable only to the finest prêt-à-porter collections, SATISFY pieces are far more than just clothes. Crafted with expertise in Portugal and equipped with the latest technologies - breathable, water-repellent, and ultra-durable - each item is designed to minimize distractions, aiding runners in reaching that euphoric moment, that "High" only running can provide.

The fabrics, developed in centers of excellence such as France, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan, and the collections, produced in Europe, stand as a testament to a pledge to quality and sustainability. Their running shorts, which have become iconic, symbolize this unwavering dedication to excellence and the elimination of distractions.

Discover the harmony between body and mind, the intersection of design and function, and immerse yourself in the running experience of SATISFY, where every step becomes a story.

Explore the collection and embrace the essence of premium running on FLAT Shop.

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